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Maintenance & Landscaping

Seasonal contract mowing, trimming, edging and fertilizing of lawns. Complete deciduous and evergreen shrubbery pruning as well as perennials and annuals.


Start to finish landscape installations and renovations. With a total line of design and layout experience.

Design, layout, electrical, installation & service in all aspects of the irrigation world, being old or newer systems. All in house services.


Call us today to schedule an irrigation service and repair.


-Drip systems

-Valves & Electrical

-Timer box

-PVC & Poly pipe

-Water Feature



Consulting & Coaching

Offering a number of consulting and coaching forms. Hands on landscape horicultural services to the beginnings of a solid comprehensive contract development.


Solutions for your strata council board, for example: 

Specializing in multiyear contracts and development of contract layout. As well as start up and incentive programs for strata and developing 3 to 5 year site plans to control growth and future concerns. 

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